Welcome! If you are thinking about adding video to your online course, this is a great place to start. Here, you’ll find information about what’s involved when working with Video@CDL. You can take a look at our production process, request a consultation, and get technical help. Our best practices provide examples of videos to inspire your creativity. Spend some time here to see different ways to incorporate video into your class. While the main goal of our team is to maintain video support for UCF’s online courses, we also partner with on and off campus organizations on special projects. As you look around, we hope you get a clear understanding of our team, our services, and our facility.

Module Introduction - Jeff Rupert - MUL2016

Course Overview - Warren Waren - SYP3602

Course Introduction - MC Santana - MMC6407

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    [title] => IT Security at UCF
    [description] => 

Computer and IT security is of great importance at UCF. This video, produced by Level2 Productions for Computer Service and Telecommunications, is show to all new UCF employees during new-hire orientation. The video covers an overview of IT security policies and procedures at UCF, as well as offers tips and strategies to enable employees to take informed and proactive actions when it comes to maintaining computer and IT security.

Cast: Video@CDL

Tags: it security, cst and cyberknight

) Array ( [title] => Personalized Adaptive Learning at UCF [description] =>

Instructional designers, faculty, and students at the University of Central Florida discuss how using adaptive learning technology has enhanced teaching and learning in their online courses. For more information about personalized adaptive learning at UCF: dl.ucf.edu/adaptive

Cast: Video@CDL

Tags: ucf, realizeit, online, learning, teaching, personalized, adaptive, webcourses and cdl

) Array ( [title] => BlendKit (COTE) [description] =>

Faculty from around the country share what makes the BlendKit course an essential tool for designers of blended learning content.
Register for the course today at: http://bit.ly/COTEblendkit2017

Cast: Video@CDL

Tags: UCF, SUNY, CDL, Blendkit, Educause, promotional and COTE

) Array ( [title] => UCF Online - History B.A. [description] =>

To apply for this UCF Online program today: ucf.edu/online/apply

Cast: Video@CDL

Tags: ucf, online and history


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