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Module Introduction - Jeff Rupert - MUL2016

Course Overview - Warren Waren - SYP3602

Course Introduction - MC Santana - MMC6407

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    [title] => Presentation of UCF's Faculty Multimedia Center
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Description: IDL6543 is the award-winning faculty development program required for all UCF faculty who plan to design, develop, and teach new courses online. Your colleagues in the Summer 2016 cohort are approaching the end of the program and are getting ready for the Showcase event!

Presentation of the Faculty Multimedia Center and Faculty Multimedia Series Resources, followed by a Q@A session. Facilitated by Don Merritt, Director; Todd McMahon, Assistant Director; and Jon Findell, FMC Manager, Office of Instructional Resources.

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) Array ( [title] => IDL6543 Showcase – Example Presentation [description] =>

IDL6543 is an award-winning, non-credit course for faculty provided by UCF’s Center for Distributed Learning (CDL). This video demonstrates what instructors can expect when presenting their course during the IDL6543 Showcase.

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) Array ( [title] => Promoting Flexible Learning Opportunities in Online Courses: A Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Approach [description] =>

Addressing the needs of individual learners in online courses is commonly perceived as challenging for instructors. Design principles included in the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework have the potential to optimize learning in all spaces for all people, based on scientific insights in how people learn. In this session, we will share principles from the UDL framework that promote flexible learning opportunities within online courses. Specifically, an instructor’s experience of integrating UDL principles into online courses will be presented, and an online tool called Universal Design Online Inspection Tool (UDOIT) will be showcased. Resources available at: online.ucf.edu/faculty-seminar14/

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) Array ( [title] => UCF Online - Latin American Studies B.A. [description] =>

To apply for this UCF Online program today: ucf.edu/online/apply

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