Production Control

Production Control is based around an EchoLab Nova Identity4 Switcher and AutoPatch Modula Series Router. With this configuration, any connected source may be sent to any destination, or to multiple destinations simultaneously. Sources include three Hitachi Z-2500 cameras, 2 FireStore FS-2E digital hard drive recorders, a 360 Systems Image Server, a Panasonic AJ-D455 DVCPRO digital tape recorder, a Pioneer PRV-LX1 DVD Recorder, and a Compix Character Generator. The audio is mixed using a Yamaha DM1000 digital mixing console paired with Mackie HR624 monitors. View Program Output as well as the software-based controls for the Image Server on a Panasonic T-42PDH8 plasma display.


  • EchoLab Nova Identity4 Switcher
  • AutoPatch Modula Series Router
  • Panasonic T-42PDH8 Plasma Display
  • Yamaha DM1000 Digital Mixing Console
  • Producer Seating Area
  • Teleprompter Control Station