HDR_Content Acquisition


Video Acquisition

One of the first steps in the production phase of a project is video acquisition. This is when we use our high-definition cameras to record everything that will be needed to create the final project. We can record in our studio, on location, or record content right from a computer screen.

In our studio, we can accommodate a variety of camera angles, including full-motion crane and dolly shots, intimate tight shots, and traditional interview style shots. The controlled environment allows us to capture clear audio. We have a teleprompter that can be used for scripted shoots, which means on-camera talent doesn’t have to fully memorize what’s being said. A teleprompter operator controls the speed of the text to match with the talent’s natural speaking cadence.

In one half of the studio, we use our versatile backgrounds to help create different moods and help communicate the message of the video. Our flexible lighting setup allows us the freedom to be creative, from deliberate manipulation of light and shadow, to illuminating backgrounds and highlighting specific elements of the set.

The other half of the studio has our green screen. This is the same kind of setup used on TV by weather forecasters or in movies. We can record the talent and place them in any environment we want, like the beach at sunset, the moon, or anything else you can imagine. We can use the live action footage recorded on green and incorporate it with other visual styles like motion graphics or animation.

Not only can we shoot in our studio, but we also have the capabilities and equipment to handle virtually any on-location shoot. We work with the space that is available to create visually pleasing compositions that reflect the natural setting. Scheduling a shoot on UCF’s main campus or at off-campus locations is no problem.

We have the ability to capture the content from a computer screen, in the form of images or video. This could be to show the user interface of a computer program or how to navigate through a website.


  • Full Body Green Screen
  • Live Key Recording
  • Multiple HD Camera Recording
  • Professional Studio Lighting
  • Crane and Dolly Shooting
  • Instant Replay & Live Monitoring
  • Live Teleprompter Shooting