Video Compression

The final stage in the post-production process is where client-approved videos and audio recordings are “compressed” and readied for delivery. Video@CDL delivers high-quality conversions.  We can even help you convert videos shot on your smartphone or camcorder, and make them available for the web, a laptop or tablet, HDTV or DVD.  Yes. It’s that simple.

We can handle High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) conversions to and from the following formats:

  • QuickTime (H.264, .mov)
  • Flash Video (.f4v, .flv)
  • MPEG 4 (.mp4, .m4v)
  • MPEG 2 for DVD (.mp2, .m2v)
  • Windows Media (.wmv, .wma)
  • RealMedia (.rm)
  • Audio Compression (.mp3, .AAC, .ac3)


  • Accessibility Accommodations
  • Web Ready Video Compression
  • DVD compression
  • Format Conversion