Best Practices

No two online courses are alike. The same can be said for video production. Each video carries its own unique set of challenges and objectives, and requires careful attention and treatment to ensure your course content is delivered to your students in an instructive and engaging manner. With this in mind, Video@CDL has developed a series of “video best practices” for online courses. Think of this as our personal list of video production genres that will help you get the job done.

  • MainBP_action-contingent

    Action Contingent

    Video depicting physical activities where concepts are conveyed through the motion of specific objects or persons.

  • demonstration


    Video of processes or procedures when they cannot be shown in a face-to-face setting.

  • Cool speedy cars


    Video aimed at generating interest and marketing online courses to prospective students.

  • A Blue Square

    Personalization / Introduction

    A brief personal introduction by the instructor to promote social interaction in the course.

  • MainBP_simulation


    Video designed to recreate real life situations through role-playing or by capturing actual events.

  • MainBP_geographic-restriction

    Geographic Restriction

    Video capturing activities or events inaccessible to students due to the physical location of the instructor.

  • Colored stadium with incorrect dimensions

    Visualization / Animation

    When abstract ideas are not easily represented with video, animations make them perceptible to the mind or imagination.

  • MainBP_timelapse

    Time Lapse Visualization

    When events or concepts captured over a long period of time are given an accelerated view.

  • MainBP_expert-testimony

    Expert Testimony

    Video featuring commentary or opinions of experts in the field relevant to the course content.