Video Services Guide

The mission of Video@CDL is to create professionally-produced, custom-made video solutions for faculty that enhance their online courses and engage students in the course material. With this in mind, we want to provide UCF faculty with ways to make the best possible use of our video services. Please follow the chart below to determine your best course of action:

Video Services Guide Matrix

Online course videos generally serve two purposes. They are either a form of Communication or part of the Content of a course:

Communication vs. Content:

  • Communication – Videos primarily aimed at delivering relevant course information to students, such as course feedback videos or logistical instruction.
  • Content – Videos focused mainly on direct instruction, such as the explanation of intricate concepts and ideas not easily conveyed via static graphics or text, that could be integrated into course assignments and assessments.

Videos inserted into online courses are either produced for a one-time use or are reusable:

One-Time vs. Reusable:

  • One-Time – Videos used inside a single course and directed at a specific audience. These videos are usually date and time-sensitive.
  • Reusable – Videos with a longer shelf life that maintain their relevance over multiple semesters. These videos are sometimes used inside more than one course and across multiple curricula.

To start the video production process, please request a consultation with us.